Risk Management & Data Security

Effective risk management starts with good data governance and proper company policy and the largest risk factor is the one that will never go away - employees.

Be Ready When It Counts

A major problem that arises from being served a legal hold or request is the ability to locate data, search for key words, criteria, place it in "legal hold" storage and migrate it into a review platform. Processing large volumes of data to make sure you get what's relevant can be time consuming and lead to unnecessary redundancy which can increase cost tremendously. JM Duley Consulting can assist you in streamlining this process which will reduce time spent and overall cost by locating your data and creating a secure, less expensive and logical storage plan.

Did You Know?

The biggest cyber-security risk to business is employee negligence. Basic bad habits and remote workers are two key areas which put your data at high risk every day, but we can help you create a secure environment that can help mitigate risk and give you peace of mind. Once we’ve located and mapped your data, it can be classified and governed under a well thought out plan to control user access thereby lessening the risk of cyber misuse.